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Material science has come a long way, and our team brings technology to the street with our vision of the future. State of the art PUR foam brings Superior Insulating Value across the entire wall and roof area that actually increase in “R” value as the mean core temperature of the insulation decreases. This unique feature is attributed to the blowing agent used in production to achieve high insulating qualities. DESIGNED TO INSPIRE AWE AT EVERY ASPECT “IT IS AN EXPRESSION OF WHAT WE CAN DO WITH TECHNOLOGY” Richard Roefaro, Founder BUILT IN LAS VEGAS NEVADA U.S.A Las Vegas has many advantages, but for us, it is that we can perform extreme testing anytime in ambient temperatures above 100℉ Perfection is a moving target, the team at Peravan strives to please the type of client who demands performance. Peravan is not only the most reliable & powerful system with the fastest pulldown, but a combination of those things. It is the lightest, strongest and coldest package today that is revolutionizing the industry. If you consider the fuel consumption and day to day versatility, it is definitely the best refrigerated LCV available. Peravan builds with the customer in mind, we innovate based on our clients’ needs. We have the ability to respond quickly and provide customized options for any requirement. Our product ranges in size from 160 – 360 cubic feet, offering 8 to 12 feet in length that can carry up to three pallets and as much as 3000 lbs of payload capacity. Every Peravan is rated to carry fresh or frozen foods as low as 10℉ with 120℉ ambient temperature, with up to 30 door openings per day.

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We are a local pharmaceutical courier service with a modern fleet of temperature controlled vehicles. Through increasing scale and continued investment in the latest technologies for efficient healthcare transport we offer competitive rates to destinations throughout California.

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